Online Training in CMAT - Mobile application Certification Training

IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT) - Training Exam Code: CMAT-001

  • What is Mobile Application Testing?

  • Benefits of Mobile Application Testing

  • The Mobile Boom

  • The Mobile Boom: Facts and Figures

  • Types of Mobile Application Testing

    • Functional Testing
    • Laboratory Testing
    • Memory Leakage Testing
    • Interrupt Testing
    • Usability testing
    • Installation testing
    • Certification Testing
    • Load testing
    • Interface Testing

  • Mobile Testing Challenges for Native Applications

  • Why It’s Tough: The Soaring Expectations of Users

  • Why Failing Hurts

  • Key Questions

  • Common Functional Issues for Mobile

  • From The Experts: Functional Testing Tips

  • Functional Issues to Consider in the Dev Phase

  • Mobile Testing Challenges for Web Applications

  • Devices: The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge

  • Network: A Regional Challenge

  • Network Bypass

  • Real Networks

  • Scripting: The Repeatability Challenge

  • Recommendations

  • Common Mobile Security Issues

    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Availability
    • Non-Repudiation

  • Common Mobile Localization Issues

    • Why is Localization So Important?
    • Why is Localization So Difficult?

  • The Rise of Mobile Web

  • Mobile Web vs. Native Apps: Differences in Testing

  • The Future: Mobile Web Plus Native Apps

  • The Distant Future: Hybrid Apps

  • Test Sourcing Options: Lab + Wild

  • Emulators & Simulators

  • From Surviving to Thriving: Your Strategy Moving Forward

  • Performance

  • Points to remember while performing mobile application testing

  • The real challenges that Quality Analyst would be facing while testing Mobile Application

  • Introduction to Mobile Streaming

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    is this course available online.


  2. Yes available. Please let me know if you want to do the CMAT certification.


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